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ICH.HCH, RuJCH Scarlet O'Hara of Kindergarten

Clear of Primary Lens L



Moments and most beautiful memories of Scarlet.
She lived 7 years with me, she was 3 when she got in our family, and from that moment she lived with us in our home. Thank you for Csilla for letting me be the owner of this amazing terrier who gave all of her love to us, and made our life more colorfull. Unfortunately she had to pass over the rainbow bridge at the 19th of juni in 2013, I still feel her presence and I miss her terribly.

Pictures of Scarlet 
 20.02.2004  -   19.06.2013
chip: 348098100081100
Bitch:ICH Gentle Woman of Kindergarten SEAL.47/97
Sire:ICH L'Lawhaden Colonel Nicolson SEAL/H/03

25.10.2005.Russian,junior RKF Secretary,Russian Junior Champion
07.04.2007. Szilvasvarad CACIB,open class,Judge:Cathy Delmar,excellent
05.05.2007.MKSZ Terrier Klub CAC,open class,Judge:Dr Pozsonyi AnikóCAC, BOB, Clubwiner
13.05.2007,Miskolc CAC,open class,Judge:Korózs Gábór,CAC, BOB,
26.05.2007Budapest  CACIB,open class,Judge:Walter Jungblut (D)CAC, CACIB,BOB             

28.05.2007,Hungária Terrier Klubkiállítás,open class Judge:Jaroslav Kubala (SK)CAC, BOB, Clubwinner
11.05.2007 Budapest CACIB, Open class:Judge Sándor Szabó, CAC, CACIB, BOB,BOG Székesfehérvár CAC open class Judge Dr Sirkó Éva, CAC, BOB
19.07.2008.Oberwart  CACIB champion classJudge:Pavol Seman (SK)CAC, CACIB,BOB 
20.07.2008. SzombathelyCACIB champion class.Judge:Dr Dubravka  Reicher (CRO) CAC CACIB. 
03.10.2008 European Dog Show Champion Klass Judge Peter Matczentaz EX3
04.10.2008 Terrier Klub Show, Champion Klass, Judge Walter Jungblut, Res CAC
008.11.02 Varese : CAC, CACIB, BOS, Insubria Winner, Judge: Ferrari Franco
Champion Show Budapest 21.12.2008 Judge: Andrew H. Brace (U.K.) Champion of Champions in 2008, BOB